YMCA of Sandusky County


SilverSneakers® is a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events.

Unlock the door to greater independence and a healthier life with SilverSneakers®. Health plans around the country offer this program to people who are eligible for Medicare or to group retirees. SilverSneakers® provides a fitness center membership to the Sandusky County YMCA.

Learn more about SilverSneakers, eligibility, locations and more HERE!

Benefits Includes:

  • FREE Y membership
  • access to conditioning classes, exercise equipment, pool, and other available amenities
  • customized SilverSneakers® classes designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance
  • a complete Wellness Orientation with our fitness staff to our fitness center and free-weight center, as well as an introduction to our many SilverSneakers® classes
  • member-only access to online support that can help you lose weight, quit smoking or reduce your stress

SilverSneakers® Class Offers

SilverSneakers group exercise classes offer you the best opportunity to stay on track toward your health and fitness goals. Our signature classes are designed specifically for older adults and taught by specially trained, certified instructors. You are sure to find a class that suits your need and abilities.

silver sneakers

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance: and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support. Routines are adaptable to whether you are seated or standing.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:30 – 10:15am


Combine fun and fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing circuit workout. Upper body strength work using hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball is alternated with non-impact aerobic choreography. A chair is offered for support, head to toe stretching, and complete relaxation in a comfortable position.

*Note: Participants MUST be able to stand for a minimum of 45 minutes in order to meet the prerequisite for this class.

Monday and Wednesday: 10:30 – 11:15am

Cardio Drums

Using a Fitball elevated on a bucket and a pair of drumsticks, lay down your own beat while bustin’ a move to some powerful music. It’s a great full body workout that can be low or high impact! No rhythm required. just a willingness to let your inner rock star out!

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 – 10:00am


Chair Yoga will move your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of postures designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of movement. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Tuesday and Thursday 10:45-11:30am


Activate your aqua exercise urge for variety! Splash® offers LOTS of fun and shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required, and a special SilverSneakers® kickboard is used to develop strength, balance, and coordination. Taught by Certified Silver Sneakers Instructors. PLEASE, No youth guests at this time.

Tuesday and Thursday: 9:30-10:15am

Easy Does it - For Adults

For adults, in addition to the structured lessons, we also offer pool time set aside for you to come “do it yourself”.  This self-instructed class is also a time for you to come build lasting friendships and socialize while working in the water.  It’s designed for seniors, those recovering from surgery, and those seeking self-led water exercises to improve range of motion and strength without impact on the joints.  Come enjoy the benefits of water-walking, aqua-jogging or just making new friends.  Space is available in the deep end.  Join the afternoon crowd for an informal water volleyball game in the shallow end!


Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our pool and improve your social and physical wellness. The YMCA of the USA and American Arthritis Foundation joined together to create this low impact water recreational exercise program for people with arthritis, and other everyday aches and pains. This is a shallow-end class, it is not necessary to know how to swim, or get your hair wet.

PLEASE, No youth guests at this time.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 9:30 – 10:15am


Motions & Movements®

Get up and dance! Make cardio exercise enjoyable with this class as you learn line dance style choreography.

Friday: 10:30 – 11:15am


Come join our group pick-up games or enjoy one-on-one lessons! The USA Pickleball Association explains pickleball as a sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. No need to bring any equipment.